Makena Medical Center is the only authorized off-campus medical office building in the Escondido Research & Technology Center. Just three parcels from the hospital campus, MMC gives physicians time to make rounds at the hospital and be less than ¼ mile from a full day patient schedule. Plus, for various reasons, many medical professionals prefer to be off-campus. MMC alone provides this independence.


The Escondido Market

A. Patient Characteristics.
The Escondido 92029 10-mile Primary Service Area (“PSA”) is made up of a large, rapidly growing, and affluent patient base. The service area is growing at a rate of 9.84% over the next five years. This patient base has a median household income of $72,921.57 and an affluence score of 118.25. Furthermore, 89.28% of the total population has access to medical care through government or private programs, with 68.60% Commercially Insured, 13.18% Medicare covered, and 7.50% covered by Medicaid. The fastest growing age segment is the 45-64 year age range, and currently 12.32% of the total population is 65 years or older (senior).

B. Medical Environment Characteristics.
The Escondido PSA is a mature market in that the medical needs of the community are currently met with the existing group of physicians. Yet the PSA is also characterized by rapid growth and high procedure volumes. According to the Montecito Report, inpatient acute procedures will grow by 13.11% and outpatient procedures will grow by 14.23% over the next five years. Within this service area there are 10 ASCs, three general acute care hospitals, 175 MOBs, 0 LTACHs, 0 rehab hospitals, and one psychiatric hospital.

Because of the projected growth, the PSA will have a need for an additional seven allergists, 18 cardio-thoracic surgeons, seven gastrointestinal physicians, and two neurosurgeons in the next five years. The “survival rate” for existing physicians is, on average, in the high 90th percentile for specialties across the board.

C. Geography and Drive Time.
None of the 175 MOBs in the 10-mile PSA, nor even the 44 MOBs in the greater Escondido sub-market area, is located in the Southwest quadrant of the intersection of the I-15 and SR-78 freeways. In other words, none are near the new PPH West. Drive time from the old hospital to PPH West varies from 10 to 20 minutes, depending on traffic and trains. Time is money for a physician. A two-minute trip to the hospital versus a 15-minute trip each way twice a day would add an hour of clinic time per day, enabling him or her to see an additional 15 to 20 patients. Specialties such as trauma, oncology, cardiology, pulmonary, orthopedic, gastroenterology, obstetrics-gynecology, and imaging will find Makena Medical Center the ideal location.